Let’s get honest, times have changed and so is the digital marketing world. This are not the days you would sit on your desk and plan your days activities on your diary, then take a field trip to see how your products are doing in the market. No! Nowadays, the first thing you do is take your phone early in the morning, check your notes, check your email and Facebook, you know the drill I suppose. This days we check online to see what people are saying about our brands and products.

If I am speaking honestly, the growth of technology will impact the future of our work and our businesses therefore continuous self-learning is important so that you don’t get ‘surprised’ by the technological changes in the modern world today.

Upcoming trends in the digitization world are:

  • The voice search engine optimization. (SEO) like Siri or Google Assistant. This is new for most of us but we need to be ahead of this game by getting started on our own voice strategy. This means getting valuable traffic and taking high quality leads from competitors.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence. I don’t want to sound like some kind of geek but this is very important for your business. Case scenario, a client visits your website, this trend will help you know how long the visitor stayed on your website, how many pages they visited on your site and if it is advanced enough, it can provide an insight on how your visitor found your company in the first place. Sounds interesting huh?

For this I suggest you develop a machine learning and artificial intelligence software which is a bit time consuming or much better you could purchase the application from a third party developer.

  • Visual search. ‘Really? I thought that’s outdated already’, you might think in your head right? Well, let me update you, the Google and Pinterest Lens are now more accurate. For example, someone can take a photo of an item and find out where it is and where it is bought. You can use it to discover a location or a landmark.
  • This is just the most cost saving trend for your business. With this trend, most companies were able to increase their customer spend from 20% to 40%. Wouldn’t you love that for your business? With social media doing its job, Chatbots can contribute by making the engagement more interactive usually with a great sense of humor!
  • Finally, the real game changer trend for this year is integrated digital marketing. I don’t know what comes in mind when you read that but I hear growth. It is not only about collecting information, consuming it or curating it it’s also about being involved in it, actively, and the creation of the future.

It is more than wasting your time or mining your data or trying to get as many likes as possible on your recent post. It is being engaged in its co creation. For a business to engage in this trend you will get many advantages.

You will have inclusive dialogue with your community, be part of a creative digital world so that messages are conveyed in many different ways.

You have to be authentic. It’s not a debate or something that you want to gamble with. Don’t lie to your audience.

Embrace diversity for your business and develop an open mind, and of course a mindset of many interests.

Build a relationship and invite input to your business. This will help you build a fresh perspective of new trends, help you understand and perhaps ……. the future. Maintain your community by having a confident and genuine interaction with them.

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With Love,

The DodilionSuccess Team.

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