There has been a lot of buzz outside there about Artificial Intelligence and today we want to engage you bosses on this topic. AI is spreading like wildfire and has been said to do a lot of things from driving cars to even predicting heart beats. This has triggered a lot of businesses and industries to make huge investments in this sector as they rush to adopt and deploy this technology.

When the excitement goes on, the reality is that many of us still do not understand what Artificial Intelligence is. Having said that, there are some challenges and hiccups that still exist. We will be engaging you as we point out a few of this challenges that are affecting the adoption of AI.

  • Lack of data to be processed – Just like the human brain that needs data to be developed, AI cannot develop properly without a certain quality or quantity of data. It is often difficult for organizations to process the data but they are also limited because data maybe incomplete or even missing. For example in the health industry, it is very difficult to predict and make a decision about disease progression when the medical records of the patient aren’t linked together across the medical providers and specialists.


  • Lack of skilled person who understands artificial intelligence – Among the barriers of deploying AI, this is the most prevalent barrier. Most organizations and businesses are finding a hard time finding personnel who are updated on this system and who know how it works. There a lot of time and energy is used on the training and development to establish an effective AI system. The focus should be finding professionals who are skilled and can be practical and have real world experience and put this skills to use.


  • Fear – According to a 2018 Gallup poll 73% of Americans fear that AI will take away jobs. IT innovators who are interested in inventing technology may find that most employees have strong negative reactions towards the idea. At Google, most employees resigned over the company’s AI plans. The pledge by most IT innovators not to use AI to create weapons may reduce the fear. The only and the best way to curb this is by introducing the technology slowly and being transparent on how the company should use it and address any concerns related to the employees losing their jobs.


  • Lack of investment in AI – When entrepreneurs are focusing on their businesses it is difficult for them to adequately fund and invest in a new venture and that is the case when it comes to AI. However this should not be a problem in the near future as most organizations want to ramp up their AI spending.


Have you set up AI machines for your business? What is hindering you from adopting AI? Engage with us, we would love to hear from you.


With Love,


The DodilionSuccessTeam


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