Our journey started in Africa, born in Africa out of the need to channel growth of African entrepreneurs on their journey to become an enterprise. Through shifting their mindset, so that they can get the right blueprint in positioning themselves in the market to allow for growth and overcome challenges that are standing in their way.

Dodilion is here to solve one of the biggest challenges in Africa which is unemployment. We aim to achieve this through showing entrepreneurs the way to grow into enterprise and build capacity for them to scale up on demand.

Our Approach is to unlock entrepreneurs mind so that they can see the business opportunity that lies ahead of them.

Dodilion is all about empowering entrepreneurs to find their path and purpose in life and business. Whether you are wondering what your next achievement will be or you are looking for the right partnership and investment funds. We are here to link and guide you towards your achievements, while we are mentoring and coaching you through our incredible programs to give you the most pleasant journey in your pursuit of freedom.


Our team has years of experience and a proven track record of success,  we can go deep and get far. With our tailored programs like “Be your own Boss VIP”, level up your business “Grow and Expand”. Our Group program get on “BYOB for Game changer”, tailored “Trainings for Organizations”, hire us as consultant for your business. Through these programs we can provide you with our knowledge and experience to help you get on your journey to success and get your business to the next level. The journey is yours to define. We are here to work with you in a way that your journey will be pleasant and joyful. With our help, we can create an even bigger opportunity for you. We will provide you with the required tools for a successful future. Together we can produce something incredible!



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15Years Experience
40Countries Traveled
5Languages We Speak
20Happy Clients


Integrity, Creativity, Trust, Collaboration, Loyalty, Freedom, Impact and Growth
To empower game changing entrepreneurs in Africa, by shifting their mindsets so they can expand internationally.
To help 1M African entrepreneurs to breakthrough into enterprise in the next 5 Years, – to make Africa the go to place to do business, – To grow and expand local companies and ease their business expansion domestically and internationally