Our Approach

However, you need a proper as strategic road-map built on data-driven insights, so that your staff will not be overworked, spending excessive time putting out “technical fires” instead of focusing on strategic tasks that fulfill core business needs.

Dodilion Success specializes in two areas, with each focusing on expanding or optimizing your business model, process, and go to market strategies, primarily focusing on East Africa.


Dodilion Success acts as your advisor for your organization, by bringing proven strategies and concepts that will improve your revenue, increase your market share and reduce your cost.


We create a soft landing for international companies coming into Africa, this involves research of the local market, best go-to market strategy advise, logistical landing and networking opportunities in the target country plus introduction to potential partners or customers.


We provide temporary management resources and skills in form of a short-term assignment, focused on local staff enablement. 


Each client looking at expansion of their footprint in Africa is unique, as there are diverse industries and business requirements. Our experience of working and living on the continent while having a good understanding of challenges and requirements of international organizations, allowed us to group services that we provide into six baskets: 

1.    Networking Opportunities

We will connect you with your potential local customers, partners and influencers at various, agreed depth of engagement.

2.    Market Entrance Strategy

You will receive a market entrance strategy that takes into an account local, present aspects of the business, aligned to your company and industry that you are in.

3.    Competitive Landscape Analysis

Most of businesses worldwide at least considers moving into Africa, and local enterprises are booming. We can provide you with a thorough analysis of the competition in the market.

4. “Landing” Assistance

We will provide you with overall information on logistics issues and contact with trusted administrative resources (accounting, immigration, housing etc.)

5.    Business Plan Validation

Do you have your strategy in place? You might want to have a second opinion on it from locally experienced experts to potentially avoid careless losses.

6.    Cultural training

Business in Africa is done differently, and the culture varies from rest of the World. The deeper you get into the business, relationships and people the more you experience that. We can teach you from our own mistakes and experiences.