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Do you ever wish, you could let go of the limiting beliefs/decisions, that are holding you back from building your dream or stopping you from getting to where you want to go?

  • Do you feel stuck somewhere in your life and just can’t figure out why or how to overcome it?
  • Maybe in your personal life, career, business, relationship, spirituality or health?
  • Are you fed up of continuously trying and not getting your desired results?
  • Are you drowning yourself in bitterness and negativity due to frustration?
  • Is guilt and fear leading your life?
  • Do you feel like life is passing by and you’re wasting your potential away?
  • Are you at a cross-road or want to create something more fulfilling in your life?


Life is hard enough.

Life can be hard and sometimes you can’t even understand why it is so hard. You can go around and around without any sort of solution. At that point, you start giving up. It is easy to start to procrastinate, because you have no idea how to solve our challenges in life. After a while you start getting stress and then depression, which could potentially lead to chronic diseases.

What you will get out of this program includes:

  • You will uncover your biggest INNER limiting patterns that are ‘creating’ all your current challenges.
  • Identify the trauma that has accrued from the past.
  • You will understand better yourself and find your blueprint for the ideal and best version of yourself and your life.
  • You will re-self-discover yourself.
  • You will be learning what is most important in her life (your values).
  • We will set together with you strong goals and hold accountability for you.
  • Programming the goals in your mind and heart.
  • Detoxing the mind of unwanted thoughts/beliefs.
  • Heal the past traumas.
  • Harmonizing and balancing her emotional state
  • Completing tasks outside the coaching room that bring action and further success.

Uncover those limiting beliefs

With my background of over 15+ years working with small, large businesses, and degree in international business coupled with my NLP Master Practitioner, Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, Hypnotherapist, Mindscape and other coaching qualifications, I helped several people to transform their lives. I come well prepared to take on any individuals who wishes to see some serious changes! I know mindset work is the foundation for any successful person so I’m ready to go deep with you to uncover those limiting beliefs, break those blockages and reprogram you for success.

Over time we have come to learn that life is really simple and we are truly the ones making it really difficult. I have learned that what may initially appear to be an issue in one area in your life may be due to something totally different and out of your immediate awareness. During we are working on building you, we will be cleaning and reprogram all your root obstacles and limitations blockage and develop healthy habits for your life, health, career, or business to make sure you remain energized and happy throughout the process.

I value you I know it can be challenging to find the time and money. I promise, I am here to support you all the way and add value you than I would ever expect in payment. I believe  if there is a will there’s a way. You don’t have to worry. I will provide you with all the knowledge, experience, tools, and techniques that you need which will save a lot of time and energy..

In my Break through Program I will coach you one-on-one, over 90 days to give you the clarity, confidence & freedom to achieve your goals.

This package includes:

  1. 1 x 120 minutes discovery and personal history intake session.
  2. 10 x 60 minutes break through sessions.
  3. 2 x 60 minutes follow up and accountability session.
  4. Unlimited email support.
  5. Personalised tasks assigned by me.
  6. In addition to being you coach, I will be your cheerleader, guide, mentor, listener & supporter through your transformation.

I am fully committed to the transformations I create for my clients! Here is what I need from you:

Responsibility for your success.

  • Commitment to take the actions discussed in the coaching session (Don’t worry, I will help you remove all barriers so that you are fully focused on your commitment).
  • Commitment of your time to dedicate to the coaching sessions and tasks at hand.

This breakthrough program is for those who want to:

  1. Overcome your fears and phobias.
  2. Eradicate your limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  3. Reduce your stress levels and anxiety.
  4. Eliminate stage fright and nerves.
  5. Change the way you think and feel about past mistakes, challenging events or failures.
  6. Feel motivated and inspired about your life.
  7. Increase your confidence, self belief and self esteem.
  8. Communicate with yourself and others more effectively.
  9. Form and enjoy happy, lasting  and rewarding relationships.
  10. Improve your physical and mental health, and emotional well-being
  11. Get that dream job, career or promotion.
  12. Feel an inner peace,  calm and sense of ‘knowing’Achieve your biggest goals, visions and aspirations.
  13. Change your perception of what is truly possible for you.
  14. Achieve exceptional performance in life, sports and business.
  15. Be ‘you’ and fully express you.
  16. Achieve the happiness,success and life fulfillment that you both want and deserve.

Total: $3999 | Ksh.399,999

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