The world needs that special talent that only you possess

You are here. GREAT!  This means that you want special dedication and support, which allows you to find and create your dream. You most likely don’t want to spend time in a group sessions and you want me to give special attention and to be with you all the way till you launch your business. I understand you very well, because when I also started, I needed some care and a lot of support to find myself and identify with what I want to do for my life, if that meant continuing what I am currently doing or starting my own business and becoming my own boss or perhaps starting completely new career path. I understand how you feel and that is absolutely fine. Wherever your path is taking you I will be with you and supporting you. With “Be Your Own Boss” special VIP 1-1 program, you will be able to find what is your unique path and how to get there without obstacles. On top of that you will surely enjoy the journey.

Once we have established your path then we can start building it accordingly and work to reach that goal of yours. If your goal is to start your own business and to become your own boss then we will be combining business strategy and mindset coaching. I will work with you to take your life and business to the next level and set you up for a long – lasting success.

This program is for you who understands that you can do more, but needs a bit of support to do it. Our journey together will teach you how to scale your business so you can make more money doing what you love, become the person you’ve always wanted to be and to finally live the life you’ve dreamed of. I know you are reading this because you aren’t where you want to be in live yet and together we can totally change that.

What will you Gain From this Program?

  • You will be vibrant with your life and be clear with your business vision desires.
  • Build clear Strategy plan and goals list for scaling your business to get of the ground.
  • Line up your values that support your mission.
  • You will find out your true purpose in life and get aligned with your bigger picture

Here is a preview for the duration that you will be with me.

  • You will learn more about yourself and what thoughts are holding you back.
  • You will be able to recognize your unwanted pattern and we will continually improve those patterns into better ones.
  • You will be more clear with the root cause of all the distractions and obstacles so you could improve.
  • We work together to free you from unwanted beliefs, thoughts, habits and strategies so you can have the life you always wanted.

In the next 6 Month we will be working on …

  • Understand the nature of your product or service.
  • We will Identify your niche.
  • Work on your brand to make it irresistible to your customers.
  • Build an effective marketing strategy that will get you leads which convert to sales.
  • We will identify your talent so we can create several services or product to offer for to your clients.
  • Create a strong brand in Social Media so you can create authority in for your tribe.
  • Build Sales funnel to your website .
  • Identify and build your own tribe with loyal community whom believe in you and support you & increase your sales
  • Build your own team that you trust to work with you, so you can share your workload with .
  • Become an amazing seller for your product or services.

Well how does business coaching work?

  • Get in touch and book me for 30 minute free of charge consultations. Click on the button, this call is for those who are serious about working with me and have the investment.
  • We’ll get clear on your vision, and make sure we are a good fit for each others.
  • You’ll buy your coaching package and then you can get your contract and a welcome pack including a questionnaire which helps you to get even more clear with your goal.
  • We will agree on a time for our calls and get ready to get some work done.

Why Me?

  1. 15+ years in business world ..
    Not only am I in this world business for 15+ years, but I have successfully worked for fortune 500 companies whose business I took into new markets. I have implemented similar strategies into startups and small business, who are really successful now and achieving 6 to 7 figures. I am here to aid you and dig deep to uncover the best version of you.
    With my background of over 15+ years small, large businesses and degree in international business coupled with my NLP Master Practitioner and coaching qualifications, I come well prepared to take on any individuals who wishes to see some serious changes! I know mindset work is the foundation for any successful person so I’m ready to go deep with you to uncover those limiting beliefs, break those blockages and reprogram you for success.
  3. My approach is very simple I have notice that life is really simple and we are truly the ones making it really difficult. I have learned that what may initially appear to be an issue in one area in your life may be due to something totally different and out of your immediate awareness. During we are working on building your business, we will be cleaning and reprogram all your root obstacles and limitations blockage and develop healthy habits for your life and business to make sure you remain energized and happy throughout the process.
  4. I value you I know it can be challenging to find the time and money. I promise, I am here to support you all the way and add value you than I would ever expect in payment. I believe in, if there is a will there’s a way. You don’t have to worry. I will provide you with all the knowledge, experience, tools, techniques and network that you need which will save a lot of time and energy.
  5. I HAVE BEEN THERE, DONE IT … I get you that you don’t want to take decision. I have been there. Working so much and your boss is making you feel guilty for asking to work on yourself and developing yourself. The feeling that you are stretch between work and life. And you don’t know how to balance both. Perhaps, your network is telling you that this is part of life get used to it and move on. I understand the way work is taking most of your time and getting a moment for yourself is close to impossible. I get you, Yes, you heard me right. I also understand how much you want this. I’ll be the understanding friend who will give you the much needed kick up the bum you need to make it all happen.

Here is my offer for you!

1 x 120 Minute Intensive intervention personal history
1 x 120 Minute Reprogram your mind and clear all the obstacles and limitations that stopping you
1 x 90 Minute Goal Setting
1 x 60 Business and Life Strategy balance plan mapped out
10 x 30 Minute sessions to be used over 4 months
1 x 90 Minute wrap-up for rolling out your business in the next 90 days after our time is done.
3 Hours out of call access. You can have access to my team, if you need a support with tech, such FB, YouTube etc…

2 Hours out of call access for help with website, Facebook ads, CRM set-up etc or copy writing


7500 USD(if paid in full)

*payment plan available