Dodilion provides an all round service of introducing profitable projects to companies.  We provide decision-making connections, enterprise representation and promotion, as well as facilitation of business to ensure successful penetration and continuous after sales service, allowing you to cut through delays caused by the red tape.

We profile companies looking to enter the African market in a bid to expand their footprint. Partnerships created are part of realizing our vision of making it easier for international companies and organizations to penetrate their brand, investment, build a solid footprint for success, and feel comfortable doing business in Africa.

We will:

  • Ease the headache of doing business in Africa for international firms
  • Create a platform for business engagement
  • Profile for relevant projects and identify opportunities
  • Facilitate decision-making and approval processes
  • Build confidence in doing business with private and public sectors in Africa
  • Achieving success in Africa while doing business in Africa in an ethical and legal manner.

Benefits for Your Company

  • Local experienced business-savvy partner with physical presence.
  • Prior briefing on contacts to be met including their personal profiles.
  • Access to relevant contacts for business growth.
  • Doing business in Africa, ethically and operating legally.
  • Streamlining approval processes, ie registrations, licenses and permits.
  • Shorten learning curve of people, culture and practices and focus on key business objectives.
  • First line of support on issues that may come up for duration of agreement.

We offer these services as addons:

  • Advisory: International Investment promotion often fail, because intermediaries often fail to provide investors with accurate and timely information, this function, known as ‘investment facilitation,’ is one of the simplest and most cost effective, yet it is neglected at many agencies.  We identify a range of opportunities and offer advice on the best structure for the investor and facilitate establishment including all government regulatory approvals.
  • Network: High Risk and conflicted countries may appear incapable of attracting significant flows of foreign investment due to their often over published negative international images and weak enabling environments. However, during the recent years, foreign investment into these economies has grown rapidly, albeit from a very low starting point. Untapped natural resources, reconstruction needs, and severely under served consumer demand and present domestic and foreign investors with significant opportunities. We assist in providing guidance to investors and promote in fragile and conflict-affected situations. We assist cutting through the time consuming red tape and fast forward the process
  • New Business Development: New business development in Africa, especially conflict engaged countries are a transformation journey. Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent, comprising more than 54 countries.  Being successful in these markets requires insight into the languages, cultures, government bureaucracy, regulations, type of innovative technologies and workforce of each country. Everyone is different, and this makes it very difficult to use the same development plan for any two countries.  There may be similarities in the regions, however relevant internal information is need. This is an ideal opportunity for potential investors. In general, only companies that know what their customers want will grow and expand fast in Africa. Government bureaucracy and regulations: This is an area in Africa where every country has its own governance model. This normally confuses investors and is one of the biggest hurdles to jump through and could potentially be off putting to many investors. Our Team provides the solutions to these hurdles by ensuring, we work closely with government officials to promote growth over a long term periods, providing skills, employment and financial growth.