Create Your Business Success Today

Through shifting your mindset, position yourself right in market place so you can create your own success!

It's time to change the game

Are you ready to...

  • Have a super successful business with growing income and market share?
  • Have that perfect work-life balance which works for you?
  • Have a brand that represents you and your product authentically?
  • Create a positive impact on other people lives and world?
  • Lead and communicate with ease and effectiveness?
  • Have fulfilling relationships?
  • Have the freedom to be your true self with confidence?
  • Have the freedom to run your business effectively and with most ease?

If that’s a yes, then this is for you, continue reading.

More Freedom | More Prosperity | More Abundance.

We all have experienced hardships, especially in today’s world, and to overcome these obstacles you need to work right. We know it is not easy to have people that do not believe in you or your ideas and plans, always out to slay your dreams with their own limitation – this creates self doubt.

Our purpose is simply to inspire entrepreneurs to leverage their passions and create the successful lifestyles they dream of, and help them become a game changing business owner with impact.

There are many entrepreneurs out there, who have the desire to break out of their everlasting nightmare running around in circles with all the noise of the market and all the buzz out there. Getting a breakthrough is not easy, especially while there are so many thing pulling you back. Therefore, we have created this program to help you be in the right mindset with the right people on your side.

At the end of the day it is about what you get

We are here to guide and give you all the support and tools that will help in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Find Your Niche, Build A Tribe, And Change The World…

This program is not for everyone. It is for game changers, who are willing to step up and go through the struggle of venturing into the unknown. To be part of Dodilion’s movement, you must be determined, ambitious, a game changer and driven to achieve your freedom. If that’s the case, you really came to the right place, if you want to create your dream and make it a reality; the journey is yours to define.

We will help you find the key to your business breakthrough by leveraging on your passion.  That passion will take you a long way. A knowledge hungry and driven individual is what is needed to create something amazing. With our help, we can create an even bigger opportunity for you, and perfect your skills. We will provide you with the needed tools for a successful future.

Market Research

In the next 3 Months we will be working on …

Work on your mindset

Work on your mindset first and become consciously aware, what has been holding you back from creating the life you desire so you can finally move past it and do BIG things?

Find your niche

Understand how to find your niche and build your Tribe

Strengthen your brand

Strengthen your brand that is authentically YOU

Attract the right clients

Learn how to attract the right clients to you consistently without you chasing them

Build your team

Understand how to build your team, lead and delegate the work

Go to market strategy

Create A-Z plan go to market strategy for your business

Learn about pricing

Learn about pricing, financial planning and management, benefit from taxations and do your business with integrity

Get the right investors

Learn how to get the right investors for your business, pitch to them so you can be ready when you meet with them at the end of the program.

Get funded

Learn how to get funds for your business

Be a game changer

How can you be a game changer with impactful solutions.

Connecting with mentors

You will have the support by a mentor who understands your challenges and a community of like minded entrepreneurs so that you don’t have to go at it alone.

Our approach is very simple as we have noticed that life is really simple and we are truly the ones making it more difficult. We have learned that what may initially appear to be an issue in one area in your life may be due to something totally different and out of your immediate awareness. As we are working on building your business, we will be cleaning and reprogramming all your root obstacles and limitations blockage to develop healthy habits for your life and business to make sure you remain energized and happy throughout the process.

We will provide you with the needed tools and techniques with networks that you need for your business success.

  • Clarity on what you truly desire for yourself and your business.
  • Freedom from fear and internal limiting beliefs.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Become more productive and ahead of your industry.
  • Branding true to your identity which speaks to your ideal clients.
  • Achieve any goal that you set for yourself.
  • Opportunity to pitch to investors
  • Win 2,000,000 KSH
  • Access to Funds
  • Access to networks that will level up your business
  • Become part of Mastermind

YOUR INVESTMENT IN THIS PROGRAM IS KSH 130,000! Apply before 5th of April Pay only 109,000! INSTALLMENT PLAN IS AVAILABLE!

  • You must have a business that has revenue and you are the owner
  • You have most of your documents in order (CR12, KRA PIN, Tax Compliance Certificate, County Business permit)
  • You are totally committed and serious about growing your business
  • 2+ year in your business and you want to grow your business to the next level
  • You are ready to level up your business