Our Approach

Are your struggling with your targets.

Sales professionals struggle with hitting their targets in today’s world as buyers are bombarded with information. Therefore, businesses are searching for the best strategy on how to increase their sales revenue. What I have found out, after extensive research, is that sales professionals are selling using the old traditional way and relying on external data while most of the knowledge they are looking for is available within.

My study has shown me that biggest challenge that sales professionals are facing is the use of traditional selling strategies. The primary role of sales professionals is seen in providing information to their prospect.

Don’t focus on the product.

The fact is that 60% are focused on the product rather than on the prospect’s problem and his/her situation. This will cause the sales professional to dissociate from the problem. This leads to a lack of connection with prospect.

Mastering sales from inside out is selling intuitively. Sales professionals must make the transition from information into becoming trusted business advisors. An intuitive sales methodology is not about collecting information from machine data or artificial intelligent source, it is a human-generated insight and wisdom based on customer data. This intuition underpins everything that the sales rep does, including building strategies, account planning, making sales calls, developing opportunities, and developing entire territories

The inside out approach

There are different sales-training programs focus on the tactical approach, sales pitches, presentations, and closing techniques, which are basic knowledge. However, if sales professionals will use only this information as their unique sales strategy then they will most probably face some challenges in closing. The aim is to convert sales professionals approach from tactical to a more strategic, which leads them to be like advisors for their clients.

In order to sell intuitively, a sales organization should consider this newly developed sales methodology that emphasizes strategic selling behaviours, which lead through the following inside out approach: Intuitive led questioning, Diagnosing and Clarifying customer needs intuitively, Thinking strategically about opportunities, Accounts and Territories.

Learn to listen into intuition

Intuitive Selling is opening up insights in a manner that’s concise and understandable to the prospect. In addition, it is simple enough that sales managers can easily coach sales reps on the effective use of the methodology in a variety of selling situations.

Intuitive Selling approach is a simple 8 step process for closing a deal with your prospects, through focusing on the prospect connection through out the sales cycle in order to create a repeat client. This will always be the key ingredient in winning sales. Learning to listen into intuition and sensing what is happening in the relational space between you and the prospect are the biggest part of this method.