Influencer Marketing

This is an in depth look at a trend that is shifting the marketing world. Not new in the market though, influencer marketing is a hybrid of both old and new marketing tools whereby it takes the idea of endorsement of a celebrity and using it in a content driven marketing campaign. The outstanding thing is that here the results of the campaigns are usually driven from the collaborations of both the brands and the influencers.

Influencers are not like celebrities and they can be anyone and anywhere. What sets them apart is their large followings on social media. They can have different fields of influence that is fashion, photography, food among others. Within any industry there is an influential person and they are recognized by thousands of followers and that is the audience that you as a brand are after.

For influencer marketing, one needs to first develop a strategy, plan on having a budget and spend a lot of time on research. This is not a strategy that involves companies talking to companies but humans communicating with humans therefore it needs a lot of patience.

When developing a schedule with the influencer get to know what he/she prefers that is in terms of daily/monthly/quarterly etc. when it comes to the influencing activity. Once you’ve agreed on a schedule you should integrate it with your company’s PR schedule so that both your PR team and the influencer are on the same page.

One thing that people get wrong when it comes to influencer marketing is thinking that influencer marketing is just paying someone with a good following so that they speak good things about your brand. No. An influencer is someone who has spent time building their own brand and cultivating an audience and they are very protective of their brand and would not jeopardize their reputation on social media hence they are authentic to their audience and they have developed an honest relationship with them.

Influencer is not about making a quick payment. It’s about developing credibility and demonstrating authority in your industry. Remember that influence doesn’t mean popularity but it means that you have to gain a certain action from your audience. The role of an influencer is to increase brand awareness, boost brand sentiment (authenticity), build trust brand, drive engagement to your brand, and drive conversions.

There has been a lot of talk when it comes to brand influencing marketing in Kenya and we will be doing a Q & A in March in regards to this on our Twitter platform. Meanwhile, we would like to hear from you: Do you trust influencer marketing? Have you used it before for your brand/company? What challenges did you go through?  Do you believe that influencers in Kenya are authentic when it comes to marketing brands?

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this new trend and your experience with it in your entrepreneurial journey. Chat with us !

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DodilionSuccess Loyalty Team.