The skill you need most as an entrepreneur.

Sales is a great skill to have as an entrepreneur. One of the most challenging part of sales is the closing part. And the only way that the closing will be easy for you is when you do a great job in the qualification stage.

Qualifying your clients is almost the same as becoming like your clients. What I mean is you need to see what they see, hear what they hear and feel what they are feeling. When a client approaches you, they have already done research and more often than not they have already made a decision on what they will go with.

However, there is still a chance for you to influence their decision through understanding the client and making it easier for them to make the decision.

So today I will give you some tips that might help you get smoother closing rates.

  • Do good qualifications

You need to understand your customers’ needs before sharing any solutions so that you can find the products and services that will work best for them. Throughout the sales process, remember to do some research on them so that you may have an idea of their sales behavior.

Speak with contact and any other person that maybe involved in the decision making process. This will give you a clearer picture of how they make decisions and their particular objectives.

  • Make sure you get commitment upfront and set the expectations early enough.

Set expectations early in the sales process. This entails asking difficult questions about their budget, timeline, if they are talking to someone else and what they think about it. This should happen before you provide your client with anything like a demo product or a trial. You will qualify the prospect, build a genuine rapport with them and earn their trust.

  • Give the experience, not the product.

When working with your clients, you want to provide them with a holistic solution that fits their needs. Don’t try to push a product on them that won’t benefit them. Instead, share the experience that they will get after they have gotten the product or service.

  • Make sure you tackle the objections.

An objection usually means that the client isn’t getting the value. If the potential client has any concerns regarding the product fit or price you should proactively address their concerns. Listen to them and validate their concerns. In case of any additional qualifying questions they can be addressed and responded to in a thoughtful manner.

  • Make sure you ask for the purchase order.

Once you are confident in what in what you are offering as a solution to your client, you can go ahead and ask for the purchase order. Make your prospect’s feel comfortable but don’t be afraid to communicate anything when it comes to moving forward with the deal.

  • Give clear instructions of the next step and what will happen.

Make sure everything is ready and share it with your client for them to sign it. Here I would suggest to finalize with any additional paperwork and signing of the contratct. Once this is done, you can now set your new client up for success with resources and information about implementation.

I hope this tips will improve your closing rates!

Love and light,

DodilionSuccess Loyalty Team.