Challenges Of Selling

Competing with lower price rivals – Pricing your products and services in the correct way is the core factor to your entire business plan. However, the big question comes in after you have done a through plan for your costs and you are still not winning the contracts.

Most entrepreneurs have a big challenge with this aspect and many ask themselves why they are not selling and find themselves in the race to the bottom. The truth is, there are so many strategies that can help you win clients instead of dropping your price for your clients.

One tip that we can share is that instead of talking about the price of your service or product, always talk about its value and stress about its quality. It will be unethical to directly quote your competitor but you can use their website to compete effectively.

At DodilionSuccess, we help you identify ways in which you do better, and what you do differently which is unique in setting you apart from the rest in the game and help you set up a unique client base. There are so many strategies that will help you tackle this challenge and we are here to offer you a lot of guidance and support

Getting through to the decision makers – When it comes to a large company, different departments have their own aims and more often than not you will be required to persuade them to make the right decision. You will need to work out different things like which project is the best for them, the benefits and perhaps even the role of the company among other things.

This background information will help you to prepare and essentially you will help the clients understand what you are providing and essentially if they are happy with the progress.

Managing risk – In the entrepreneurship world, there are two risks: you predict for any project and the risk that your client perceives.

To soothe the risk that the client perceives you might do a little bit of research on their website and try and evaluate their most likely concerns. From there, you can identify how you can tackle their fears. When talking to the client, ask them to address any fears that they might have and concisely explain to them how you will tackle their key fears. You can also let them know that in case any other fear arises, that you will be happy to talk and address it with them.

Penetrating crowded markets – In the real business world, most businesses compete with markets that are already pre-existing which brings about challenges on pricing as we had discussed earlier.

The breakthrough that separates you from the rest of the markets is possibly how you stand out and perhaps how you connect with your clients as compared to your competitors.

You cannot expect a machine that is not oiled to perform a task well therefore, you need to oil your business for it to run efficiently and effectively. One strategy is giving the market what it wants to buy and identifying a niche and take it as an opportunity for your business to thrive.

Did you know that a crowded market means that there’s a lot of demand? Yes, it’s a good sign. For a start, you can identify what gaps that the businesses that already there have missed so that your exploit those opportunities. Probably you are thinking that you have done everything that is humanely possible, yes? Well, no. you haven’t, and that’s why DodilionSuccess is here to help you reach your full potential. We will help you to be well ahead of your competition so that you are able to take advantage of the new opportunities that are well ahead of you.

I am interested in some of the challenges that you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey when it comes to selling. Share some of those below and let’s have an interactive session.

I would like to invite you to a Facebook Live master class session that I will do on Friday at 6pm (GMT +3) where I will be speaking on “how to convince your customers to buy from you.” Hope to see you there! Have a fantastic week Bosses!


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