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DodilionSuccess is a consultancy company that helps foreigners and Diasporans to kick-start their businesses and invests in East Africa.

This company was formed by a diaspora lady who had a dream to come back to her motherland after 30 years of living and doing business in Europe and the Middle East, just to find out how complex the continent’s business architecture is, but still went out of her way to pursue her mission of finding a better and easier way to work in this continent.

Following several years of figuring out how business is done in East Africa, she has successfully cracked the code of the most challenging market in the world and boasts wide exposure in providing business services in East Africa. 

She is out to help businesses overcome the challenging nature of this business climate by offering her success formula in accessing these opportunities in the continent.

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To ease access to East African opportunities


To help 1000 foreigners to kickstart their business(es) in at least one East African country by 2025.

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