Hello, my name is Hodan.

I am an International Sales Expert who provides Strategies, Consultancy, Coaching and Training.  I was born in Africa, and grew up in Europe, lived in 7 countries, I speak 4 languages fluently and worked for Companies like Oracle, IBM and Qlik. I have successfully closed over $70M in Sales across 40 countries and succeeded in the most challenging market in Africa.

My journey in Sales is rich and full of eye-opening experiences, over the last 15 years I have acquired immense knowledge in this area of expertise. This has allowed me to help companies of all sizes and from all corners of the globe to dramatically grow their businesses and increase profitability by providing the latest tools and techniques that work in different markets and industries. Using my extensive knowledge, experience, network and research about top salespeople blueprint who share one thing, which is “intuitive selling”. I want to give these bits of knowledge to you and your sales organization.

Working with me means that your Sales income will grow and your revenue will exceed your expectations. This is guaranteed if you follow my formula and apply it










What if you could consistently hit your targets every month?

Using my extensive knowledge, experience, network and research about top salespeople I can show you how.


A competitive edge in modern sales.

At Dodilion Success, Hodan uses her keen understanding of sales and the power of the mind to do sales consultations, training, information technology advisory, human capital development and coaching for individuals and small, medium, and large Companies. The company has successfully developed a sales methodology that gives a competitive edge in modern sales.

A strong bond between sales professional and prospect

Dodilion Success focuses more on the human connection of the sales process at each step of the sales cycle and the psychology behind the relationship between a sales professional and a prospect, and how to strengthen the bond between these two. Everything boils down to “intuitive selling”.

Develop deeper connections

The mission is to help sales professionals develop deep connections with their prospects and clients through intuitive selling. The goal is to transform organizations into money-making machines that have strong bonds with their clients. This will allow leaders to achieve incredible sales results/revenue by developing effective sales strategies and implementing a magnificent sales infrastructure.

Grow and expand in Africa

She also advises companies looking to enter the African market in a bid to expand their footprint. Such partnerships are part of the vision to help international companies and organizations achieve brand penetration, make investments, build a solid footprint for success, and feel comfortable doing business in Africa.